The ANGP is going to be one of the memories your student will cherish for a lifetime. After 4 years of hard work and study, every student of the graduating class deserves a great send-off. The ANGP needs nearly 400 volunteers to make the party a success. Truth be told, the party cannot happen without volunteers. There is something for everyone to do, from the creative to the culinary. We need EVERY SENIOR FAMILY to donate some of their time.

Please Note: Volunteering is the ONLY way that you will be able to see all the fun that your graduate is enjoying at the ANGP.

Junior Parents are especially needed to learn the ropes and shadow Senior parents. Don’t get caught next year scrambling to figure it out. We’ll help by giving you someone to shadow.

Additional information regarding volunteering can be found here.

What is ANGP?

The ANGP is HUGE celebration in honor of our TJ graduates. The ANGP is designed to provide a safe, drug-free and alcohol-free, fun environment for the entire class. It started in 1987 when the National Virginia Graduation Project promoted an after graduation party model aimed at addressing what had become an annual tragedy: losing our high school graduates following post-graduation celebration through the deadly mix of drugs, alcohol and driving. Since then schools in Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington and Alexandria have all sponsored ANGPs. Essentially, an all-night lock-in, the ANGP provides our newly minted graduates with six hours of fun filled activities including games, rides, food, entertainment, raffles, a casino and a pool! It is a great opportunity to relax and enjoy time with their fellow graduates one last time before everyone heads off to new adventures in the fall!

How is ANGP Funded?

Ticket sales comprise the majority of the funds needed to support the ANGP but donations are needed from parents, friends and businesses to ensure we have the money to ensure the best time possible is available for all. Note that for those who find the cost of the ticket a financial burden, the TJ PTSA pays the cost.

What role do parents play in ANGP?

The 2018 ANGP is an enormous effort that involves many volunteer hours from TJ parents. It is up to the ANGP Committee to provide a memorable and action-packed conclusion to the student’s four-year journey through TJ. But, the Committee cannot do it without parental support. There are several ways that parents can support the ANGP and make it a success:


Most of the ANGP is funded through ticket sales and donations by parents, teachers, friends of the TJ community and local businesses. Donors are recognized on our Donor Recognition Page accessible through the link on the left. Please consider making a donation! Every bit of money counts!