Celebrate Your Student’s Achievements by Volunteering!

Why and How to Volunteer

The ANGP is going to be one of the memories your student will cherish for a lifetime. After 4 years of hard work and study, every student of the graduating class deserves a great send-off. Food, fun and funding are being arranged. Decorations, equipment, mementos, prizes and gifts are being acquired. And more…

Current Volunteers access the Volunteer Resource Page to obtain reports and other needed forms.

Not Just for Senior Parents

Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman parents are also needed. The day of the party is also graduation day. We need non-senior volunteers to do the final preparation the day of the party so senior parents can attend graduation. We also need parents to help take down decorations and store them for the Class of 2018.

If you’re interested in becoming a shadow, please sign up here and specify in the comments box your interest in shadowing.

PLUS …To make sure your Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman student’s ANGP is the best it can be, there is no better way to learn how to run a great party then by on-the-job training this year.

It’s Fun and Rewarding

It is fun to work with fellow parents and one of the last opportunities to help out for your senior in their high school career.

Please contact us at angp2018@tjhsstangp.com to help make this the best last party for the Class of 2018 graduates!